1999: Everyone’s Everest – by Barry Hehemann

1999: Everyone’s Everest – by Barry Hehemann


Everyone’s Everest


Steel and granite / 11’4″ x 9′ x 11’H

Location: Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois.

The title refers to the mountains that are made in everyday life. Consideration of our ‘Everest’ suggests folly, fantasy, and the absurdity of self reflexive endeavors. Texts have been laser-cut into the threads of the stair. Each word has been selected from texts referring to mountain climbing especially ascents to Mt. Everest, that has been transcendent experience for some, tragedies for others.
The words are: Beyond, Attempt, Yield, Doubt, Demand, Amusement, Condition, Fantasy, Interpret, Solace, Claim, Discovery, Beyond.