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2014: Gary Freeman Remembrance Celebration

Gary Freeman Gary Freeman was a Professor Emeritus of Sculpture at Herron School of Art and Design at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.        

2013: Ecotone – by Barbara Cooper

Photo Credit: Ed Chapelle   Ecotone – by Barbara Cooper  Installed: 2013. Location: Florida Gulf Coast University Library, Fort Meyers, Florida. Wood, metal  / Approximate dimensions:  36’ long x 12’ high x 8’ long  Ecotone is a place where two different habitats meet.  While it has some of the characteristics of each bordering community, certain plant species not Continue Reading

2013: [Installation] “Lotus” – by Terrence Karpowicz

  Lotus – by Terrence Karpowicz Installed: Sep 25, 2013 Location: 360 W. Hubbard Street Commissioned by the Habitat Company in conjunction with Hubbard Place Development. Terrence Karpowicz website: Karpowicz Studio, click here..       INSTALLATION of LOTUS by Terrence Karpowicz Sep 25, 2013 at 360 W. Hubbard Street For photos of the process Continue Reading

2013: Lotus – by Terrence Karpowicz

  Metal Lotus – by Terrence Karpowicz Installed: Sep 25, 2013. Location: 360 W. Hubbard Street. Commissioned by the Habitat Company in conjunction with Hubbard Place Development Check out Terrence Karpowicz website.. Karpowicz Studio, click here..     On a beautiful autumn day, Set 25, 2013, Lotus was installed at 360 W. Hubbard Street. Vector Continue Reading

2013: Vector celebrates its 35th anniversary with annual Pig Roast

  Vector celebrates its 35th Anniversary  with 3rd Annual Pig Roast on Friday, August 3, 2013 at  Vector  Custom Fabricating [2128 W Fulton Street,  Chicago, IL 60612]

2012: Breeze Keeper – by Christine Rojek

  Breeze Keeper – by Christine Rojek 2012 / Aluminum / 9 feet high, 42 feet wide and 24 feet deep The sculpture Breeze Keeper mimics the graceful planting rows and the sway of the rural prairie. It consists of more than 70 wind-activated elements that are suspended from four frames representing prairie landscape.   Continue Reading

Bench 9 – by Barry Hehemann

  Bench 9 – by Barry Hehemann Steel and Concrete / 14′ 8″  x  6″ 8″ x 3′ 8″. Bench 9 is the ninth in a series of sculptural benches made by Barry Hehemann. These  benchesare made of industrial materials such as stone, concrete, steel, and stainless steel.  Functional sculpture challenges the participating public to Continue Reading

Jubilee – by Bruce White

Jubilee – by Bruce White Location: William Rainey Harper College 2004 / Stainless steel [40' X 3' X 3' X 3']          

2012: Meridian X – by Ed McCullough

  Meridian X – by Ed McCullough  [The concluding piece in the Meridian Series]  2012 / Stainless steel Location: Hines VA Hospital

2013 : Fabrication of a staircase at Vector

  From left.. Mike Wilkie, Erik Lowe and Mirek Koperski.     A Day at Vector:  May 21, 2013.. Fabrication of stairs and rails is one of Vector’s speciality. Here are images of work-in-progress of a staircase being made at Vector.                             Continue Reading