2012: Pig Roast & Carnival of Fire- Part I [Maquette Exhibit]







VECTOR and FRIENDS: The Art of Fabricating
The ISC Chicago Conference, Oct 4, 2012.

In October, 2012; Chicago hosted the 23rd International Sculpture Conference [ISC]. As a gesture of expressing gratitude to all the artists that have employed its services over the past 34 years; the Vector Custom fabricating organized an event: Pig Roast and Carnival of Fire. Vector is an artist owned and operated company specializing in fabrication of sculpture. Along with Pig Roast and Fire Carnival was an exhibit of small scale sculptures.

THE EXHIBIT of small-scale sculptures: The sculptures in this exhibit is by artists who have employed the services of Vector and the artists who provide those services on behalf of Vector. On a regular basis over the past 34 years these two groups of artists have collaborated to make sculpture that has required their mutual efforts. The only exceptions are Professor Gary freeman who inspired the founders of Vector with the potential of fabricated metals at the John Herron School of Art; and Professor Roger Blakely, an artist they admire who was central to their graduate experience at the University of Illinois. Vector Custom Fabricating, Inc. is taking the occasion of the ISC Conference in Chicago 2012 to express it’s gratitude to all the artists that have made its long history of making art possible.

For the list of Exhibiting Artists .. click here..

CARNIVAL of FIRE: This included iron pour, glass blowing, fire spinning, fire breathing, fire hooping, and more, focusing on the use of fire as a sculptural element. It was presented by Lunarburn Studio [click here..], Ignite Glass Studio [click here] and Ironhead.

For Video and Photo Gallery  of the Carnival of Fire, click here..



VIDEO: Small-Scale Sculptural exhibit by Vector and Friends



PHOTO GALLERY: Small-Scale Sculptural Exhibit by Vector and Friends



The Exhibiting Artists:
Mike Baur
Roger Blakley
Adrian Calderon
Barbara Cooper
Gary Freeman
Seth Godard
Neil Goodman
Barry Hehemann
John Himmelfarb
Daniel Hunt
Terry Karpowicz
Erik Lowe
Stephen Luecking
Derick Malkemus
Inigo Manglano-Ovalle
Nathan Overley
Christine Rojeck
Bruce White



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